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iPad Review - Looking at the New Way We Communicate

By Johnny Q

I have to agree some companies have definitely changed the way we look at technology and the internet. Some of these companies have change the way tech savvy people such as myself look at a simple email while on the run. As soon as I received my iTouch I was hooked. We as the technology generation have continued to surpass the way we communicate with each other. My company runs of my iTouch and anything I complete it's in my hands. I love the way technology and information just pours to my hands with a simple touch of a screen.

Now I was just amazed at all of the features that the new iPad has to offer. I just happen to watch the demo video and the first thing I notice was the slick design of it and the cool appearance that it just stands out. The iPad can use up to 140,000 apps available in the app store. One of the cool benefits is that it's like a crossover between a laptop and the iTouch. It really is going to come in handy when I need to get some valuable information from the office and I can just jump on my iTouch and get anything available in the internet. This is business at its best; sure it's fast, quick and in a hurry. Now If I can make the switch to a slick design and have all the easy to use technology it will definitely help. Like I said I'm one of those savvy tech people that like fast business in the speed of thought. If it gets things done quickly, then I like it.

One of the things that I notice was the price, starting at $500.00 dollars it seems to be competing against some of the top competitors. I asked my self why should I buy an iPad when for the same price I Can get a notebook? They are the same category of technology for sale. The iPad need to stand up to the name and the name of its makers, to demonstrate the agility of the way we do business or communicate with each other. One of the coolest features that I notice was the slick design in the keyboard. I thought the keyboard was out of this world. Now I hope that it's like the regular keyboards that you can just act like it's a regular keyboard. One of the problems that some technology companies have is that the iTouch and the iPhone do not have enough grunts to run a proper browser.

Some of the time when I'm browsing for me it just seems to browse the internet better with my laptop and not the iTouch, every time this happens it irritates me. Hopefully, for me if I am going to spend any kind of money in a gadget I want something that I'm not going to have trouble with.

But let's not give the iPad a bad name. It now comes with three stores the iTunes Store, the App store and now the iBook store. Here is where you carry your own library around and get some cool books. This was a big plus for the iPad. I just wish that the technology gurus are going to deliver on this iPad because I will have high expectation of it. I will be looking forward to my iPad.

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Johnny Q

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